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A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal – Museums, Monuments, and Memorials

We all make it a point to visit places of interest whenever we go somewhere away from home. Of course, though the places of interest will vary as per personal tastes, museums and historical sites will check the boxes for many of us. Though I’ve been to some of the most beautiful art museums the world over, as a native East Coaster the two places I’m most familiar with are New York and Washington DC. 
And that got me wondering… how come all the great museums in DC are free, while one has to shell out quite a bit to visit a museum in NYC? That thought sent me on a challenge to find museums that offer free entry in NYC. This A to Z series is the direct result of that challenge. 

As part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I’ll be covering museums, monuments, and memorials and other places of interest, meeting the following criteria:

  • It should be located within the five boroughs of NYC. 
  • Entry must be free during all open hours. 
  • The location must be reachable by public transit. 

Happily, I’m able to list 26 places that meet all the above criteria though it took some contortions to fit some of them into the A to Z grid.  🙂

Though this the first time that The Big Jackfruit Tree is participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, our sister blog Pepper Route enjoyed the challenge last year and highly recommends participation, especially for the sense of freedom and relief at the end of April! 

18 Mar 2023