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Located at Midtown Manhattan, New York, NY 10001
Website: https://www.hudsonyardsnewyork.com/

Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards is a 28-acre mixed-use development on Manhattan’s West Side, between 10th and 12th Avenues from West 30th to West 34th Street. The development consists of two phases, the Eastern Yard which opened in March 2019, and the Western Yard which is expected to be completed in 2025. The Eastern Yard includes six high-rise office buildings; The Shed, an arts center; a shopping mall called The Shops and Restaurants; and the Vessel, an architectural showpiece.

Western Yard, when completed, will include additional residential, office, and retail space, as well as an elementary school. When both phases are completed, in 2025, the development is expected to encompass more than 18 million square feet of built space, with nearly 14 acres of open public space.

Located at the top of High Line, Hudson Yards is the biggest private real-estate development in U.S. history.

An interesting fact… Hudson Yards development is constructed above active railroad tracks! A ten-acre platform was devised to support the development, with facilities like special ventilation, cooling, stormwater retention, and plant-friendly smart soil. This complex platform weighs more than 35,000 tons and uses more than 25,000 tons of steel.

The area’s development history goes back to the arrival of railroads in the middle of the 19th century. The adjacent Hudson River docks also spurred growth, making it one of the bustling industrial district. However, after world war 2, the growth was reversed and the area went into decline, despite the construction of the Javits Center in the vicinity in 1986.

New York City planned to construct a new sports stadium for the Olympics, when the city started its bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics. The plan included the extension of the 7 train to the area and an expansion of the Javits Center. For this purpose, the area was rezoned for new development in January 2005.

When the bid for the Olympics failed, the city decided to go on with the development that was possible with the rezoning, deciding on office and residential buildings instead of the sports stadium. With interest from private investors, the plans for the new Hudson yards development took shape and construction began in December 2012.

Planned as the centerpiece of Hudson Yards is the Vessel, a 16-story, 150-foot-tall spiral staircase-like structure in the middle of the Hudson Yards Public Square. 

Supposedly inspired by ancient Indian stepwells, the Vessel with its 54 intricately interconnecting flights of stairs offers views of the neighborhood from different heights, angles and vantage points. It consists of almost 2,500 individual steps and 80 landings.

Unfortunately, this structure is currently closed while safety measures are being tested, with no definite date fixed for reopening. Access to the ground-level base is open to the public.

Another attraction at the Hudson yards is the Edge, an outdoor sky deck, a triangular platform, 1,100 feet high, cantilevered from the top of 30.Suspended in mid-air, it provides visitors 360-degree views of Manhattan.

The Shed is an arts and cultural center with gallery spaces, an artists’ lab, and rehearsal spaces. It also houses The McCourt, a large theater that can seat an audience of more than 1200.

The shopping mall spans more than 700,000 square feet and is home to more than 70 luxury retailers. 

29 Apr 2023